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CAP 23
1 Therfor Dauid was eld and ful of daies, and ordeynede Salomon, his sone, kyng on Israel.
2 And he gaderide togidere alle the princes of Israel, and the preestis, and dekenes;
3 and the dekenes weren noumbrid fro twenti yeer and aboue, and eiyte and thretti thousynde of men weren foundun.
4 And foure and twenty thousynde men weren chosun of hem, and weren departid in to the seruyce of the hows of the Lord; sotheli of souereyns, and iugis, sixe thousynde;
5 forsothe foure thousynde `porteris weren, and so many syngeris, syngynge to the Lord in orguns, whiche Dauid hadde maad for to synge.
6 And Dauid departide hem bi the whilis of the sones of Leuy, that is, of Gerson, and of Caath, and Merary.
7 And the sones of Gerson weren Leedan and Semeye.
8 The sones of Leedan weren thre, the prince Jehiel, and Ethan, and Johel.
9 The sones of Semei weren thre, Salamyth, and Oziel, and Aram; these weren the princes of the meynees of Leedan.
10 Forsothe the sones of Semeye weren Leeth, and Ziza, and Yaus, and Baria, these foure weren the sones of Semei.
11 Sotheli Leeth was the formere, and Ziza the secounde; forsothe Yaus and Baria hadden not ful many sones, and therfor thei weren rikenyd in o meynee and oon hows.
12 The sones of Caath weren foure, Amram, and Ysaac, Ebron, and Oziel.
13 The sones of Amram weren Aaron and Moyses; and Aaron was departid, that he schulde mynystre in the hooli thing of hooli thingis, he and hise sones with outen ende, and to brenne encense to the Lord bi his custom, and to blesse his name with outen ende.

14 Also the sones of Moyses, man of God, weren noumbrid in the lynage of Leuy.
15 The sones of Moises weren Gerson and Elieser.
16 The sones of Gerson; `Subuhel the firste.
17 Sotheli the sones of Eliezer weren Roboya the firste, and othere sones weren not to Eliezer; forsothe the sones of Roboia weren multipliede ful miche.
18 The sones of Isaar; `Salumuth the firste.
19 The sones of Ebron; `Jerian the firste, Amarias the secounde, Jaziel the thridde, Jethamaan the fourthe.
20 The sones of Oziel; `Mycha the firste, Jesia the secounde.
21 The sones of Merari weren Mooli and Musi. The sones of Mooli weren Eleazar, and Cys.
22 Sotheli Eleazar was deed, and hadde not sones, but douytris; and the sones of Cys, the britheren of hem, weddiden hem.
23 The sones of Musi weren thre, Mooli, and Heder, and Jerymuth.
24 These weren the sones of Leuy in her kynredis and meynees, prynces bi whilis, and noumbre of alle heedis, that diden the trauel of the seruyce of the hows of the Lord, fro twenti yeer and aboue.
25 For Dauid seide, The Lord God of Israel hath youe reste to his puple, and a dwellyng in Jerusalem til in to with outen ende;
26 and it schal not be the office of dekenes for to bere more the tabernacle, and alle vessels therof for to mynystre.
27 Also bi the laste comaundementis of Dauid the noumbre of the sones of Leuy schulen be rikened fro twenti yeer and aboue;
28 and thei schulen be vndir the hond of the sones of Aaron in to the worschipe of the hows of the Lord, in porchis, and in chaumbris, and in the place of clensyng, and in the seyntuarie, and in alle werkis of the seruyce of the temple of the Lord.
29 Forsothe preestis schulen be ouer the looues of proposicioun, and to the sacrifice of flour, and to the pastis sodun in watir, and to the therf looues, and friyng panne, and to hoot flour, and to seenge, and ouer al weiyte and mesure.
30 Forsothe the dekenes schulen be, that thei stonde eerli, for to knowleche and synge to the Lord, and lijk maner at euentide,
31 as wel in the offryng of brent sacrifices of the Lord, as in sabatis, and kalendis, and othere solempnytees, bi the noumbre and cerymonyes of eche thing contynueli bifor the Lord;
32 and that thei kepe the obseruaunces of the tabernacle of the boond of pees of the Lord, and the custum of the seyntuarie, and the obseruaunce of the sones of Aaron, her britheren, that thei mynystre in the hows of the Lord.

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