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CAP 27
1 Forsothe the sones of Israel bi her noumbre, the princes of meynees, the tribunes, and centuriouns, and prefectis, that mynystriden to the kyng bi her cumpenyes, entrynge and goynge out bi ech monethe in the yeer, weren souereyns, ech bi hym silf, on foure and twenti thousynde.
2 Isiboam, the sone of Zabdihel, was souereyn of the firste cumpenye in the firste monethe, and vndur hym weren foure and twenti thousynde;
3 of the sones of Fares was the prince of alle princes in the oost, in the firste monethe.
4 Dudi Achoites hadde the cumpany of the secounde monethe, and aftir hym silf he hadde another man, Macelloth bi name, that gouernede a part of the oost of foure and twenti thousynde.
5 And Bananye, the sone of Joiada, the preest, was duyk of the thridde cumpenye in the thridde monethe, and four and twenti thousynde in his departyng;
6 thilke is Bananye, the strongest among thritti, and aboue thritti; forsothe Amyzadath, his sone, was souereyn of his cumpenye.
7 In the fourthe monethe, the fourthe prince was Asahel, the brother of Joab, and Zabadie, his sone, aftir hym, and foure and twenti thousynde in his cumpeny.
8 In the fifthe monethe, the fifthe prince was Samoth Jezarites, and foure and twenti thousynde in his cumpenye.
9 In the sixte monethe, the sixte prince was Ira, the sone of Actes, Techuytes, and foure and twenti thousynde in his cumpeny.
10 In the seuenthe monethe, the seuenthe prince was Helles Phallonites, of the sones of Effraym, and foure and twenti thousynde in his cumpeny.
11 In the eiythe monethe, the eiythe prince was Sobothai Assothites, of the generacioun of Zarai, and foure and twenti thousynde in his cumpeny.
12 In the nynthe monethe, the nynthe prince was Abiezer Anathotites, of the generacioun of Gemyny, and foure and tweynti thousynde in his cumpeny.
13 In the tenthe monethe, the tenthe prince was Maray, and he was Neophatites, of the generacioun of Zaray, and foure and twenti thousynde in his cumpany.
14 In the elleuenthe monethe, the elleuenthe prince was Banaas Pharonytes, of the sones of Effraym, and foure and twenti thousynde in his cumpeny.
15 In the tweluethe monethe, the tweluethe prince was Holdia Nethophatites, of the generacioun of Gothonyel, and foure and twenti thousynde in his cumpeny.
16 Forsothe these weren souereyns of the lynages of Israel; duyk Eliezer, sone of Zechri, was souereyn to Rubenytis; duyk Saphacie, sone of Maacha, was souereyn to Symeonytis;
17 Asabie, the sone of Chamuel, was souereyn to Leuytis; Sadoch `was souereyn to Aaronytis;
18 Elyu, the brothir of Dauid, `was souereyn to the lynage of Juda; Amry, the sone of Mychael, `was souereyn to Isacharitis;
19 Jesmaye, the sone of Abdie, was souereyn to Zabulonytis; Jerymuth, the sone of Oziel, `was souereyn to Neptalitis;
20 Ozee, the sone of Ozazym, `was souereyn to the sones of Effraym; Johel, the sone of Phatae, was souereyn to the half lynage of Manasses;
21 and Jaddo, the sone of Zacarie, `was souereyn to the half lynage of Manasses in Galaad; sotheli Jasihel, the sone of Abner, `was souereyn to Beniamyn; forsothe Ezriel,
22 the sone of Jeroam, was souereyn to Dan; these weren the princes of the sones of Israel.
23 Forsothe Dauid nolde noumbre hem with ynne twenti yeer, for the Lord seide, that he wolde multiplie Israel as the sterris of heuene.
24 Joab, the sone of Saruye, bigan for to noumbre, and he fillide not; for ire fel on Israel for this thing, and therfor the noumbre of hem, that weren noumbrid, was not teld in to the bookis of cronyclis of kyng Dauid.
25 Forsothe Azymoth, the sone of Adihel, was on the tresouris of the kyng; but Jonathan, the sone of Ozie, was souereyn of these tresours, that weren in cytees, and in townes, and in touris.
26 Sotheli Ezri, the sone of Chelub, was souereyn on the werk of hosebondrie, and on erthe tiliers, that tiliden the lond;
27 and Semeye Ramathites was souereyn on tilieris of vyneris; sotheli Zabdie Aphonytes was souereyn on the wyn celeris;
28 for Balanam Gadaritis was on the olyue placis, and fige places, that weren in the feeldi places; sotheli Joas was on the schoppis, `ether celeris, of oile;
29 forsothe Cethray Saronytis `was souereyn of the droues, that weren lesewid in Sarena; and Saphat, the sone of Abdi, was ouer the oxis in valeys;
30 sotheli Vbil of Ismael was ouer the camelis; and Jadye Meronathites was ouer the assis; and Jazir Aggarene was ouer the scheep;
31 alle these weren princes of the catel of kyng Dauid.
32 Forsothe Jonathas, brother of `Dauithis fader, was a councelour, a myyti man, and prudent, and lettrid; he and Jahiel, the sone of Achamony, weren with the sones of the kyng.
33 Also Achitofel was a counselour of the kyng; and Chusi Arachites was a frend of the kyng.
34 Aftir Achitofel was Joiada, the sone of Banaye, and Abyathar; but Joab was prince of the oost of the kyng.

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