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1 Therfor al Israel was noumbrid, and the summe of hem was writun in the book of kyngis of Israel and of Juda; and thei weren translatid in to Babiloyne for her synne.
2 Sotheli thei that dwelliden first in her citees, and in the possessiouns of Israel, and the preestis, and the dekenes, and Natyneys, dwelliden in Jerusalem.
3 Of the sones of Juda, and of the sones of Beniamyn, also of the sones of Effraym, and of Manasses;
4 Othi, the sone of Amyud, sone of Semry, sone of Omroy, sone of Bonny, of the sones of Phares, the sone of Juda;
5 and of Sylom, Asia, the firste gendrid, and his sones;
6 sotheli of the sones of Zaray, Heuel, and hise britheren; sixe hundrid fourescore and ten.
7 Forsothe of the sones of Beniamyn; Salo, the sone of Mosollam, the sones of Odoia, the sones of Asana,
8 and Jobanya, the sone of Jerobam, and Ela, the sone of Ozi, the sones of Mochozi, and Mosollam, the sone of Saphacie, sone of Rahuel, sone of Jebanye, and the britheren of hem,
9 bi her meynees; nyne hundrid sixe and fifti. Alle these weren princes of her kynredis by the housis of her fadris.
10 Forsothe of the preestis, Joiada, Jozarib, and Jachym;
11 and Azarie, the sone of Helchie, sone of Mosollam, sone of Sadoch, sone of Maraioth, sone of Achitob, was bischop of the hows of the Lord.
12 Forsothe Adaias, sone of Jeroam, sone of Phasor, sone of Melchia, and Masaia, sone of Adihel, sone of Jezra, sone of Mosollam, sone of Mosselamoth, sone of Emyner,
13 also her britheren, prynces bi her meynees, weren a thousynde seuene hundrid and fourescoore, men strongeste in bodili myyt, to make the werk of seruyce in the hows of the Lord.
14 Forsothe of dekenes, Semeya, the sone of Assub, sone of Ezricam, sone of Asebyn, of the sones of Merary;
15 also Balthasar the carpenter, and Galebeth, and Machama, sone of Mycha, sone of Zechri, sone of Asaph,
16 and Obdias, sone of Semey, sone of Calaal, sone of Idithum, and Barachie, the sone of Asa, sone of Helcana, that dwellide in the porchis of Methophati.
17 Sotheli the porteris weren Sellum, and Achub, and Thelmon, and Achyman, and the britheren of hem; Sellum was the prince;
18 til to that tyme thei kepten bi her whilis in the yate of the kyng at the eest, of the sones of Leuy.
19 Sellum forsothe, the sone of Chore, sone of Abiasaph, sone of Chore, with hise britheren, and with the hows of his fadir; these ben the sones of Chore on the werkis of the seruyce, keperis of the porchis of the tabernacle, and the meynees of hem kepten bi whilis the entryng of the castelis of the Lord.
20 Forsothe Phynees, the sone of Eleazar, was the duyk of hem bifor the Lord.
21 Sotheli Zacarie, the sone of Mosollam, was porter of the yate of the tabernacle of witnessyng.
22 Alle these chosun in to porteris bi yatis weren twei hundrid and twelue, and weren discryued in her owne townes, which dekenes Dauid and Samuel, the prophete, ordeyneden in her feith,
23 both hem and the sones of hem in the doris of the hows of the Lord, and in the tabernacle of witnessyng, bi her whiles.
24 Porteris weren bi foure coostis, that is, at the eest, and at the west, and at the north, and at the south.
25 Forsothe her britheren dwelliden in townes, and camen in her sabatis fro tyme til to tyme.
26 Al the noumbre of porteris was bitakun to these foure dekenes, and thei kepten the chaumbris, and the tresours of the hows of the Lord.
27 Also thei dwelliden in her kepyngis bi the cumpas of the temple of the Lord, that whanne tyme were, thei schulden opene the yatis eerli.
28 Men of her kyn weren also on the vessels of seruyce; for the vessels weren borun in at noumbre, and weren borun out of hem.
29 And thei that hadden the vesselis of seyntuarie bitakun to her kepyng, weren souereyns on flour, and wyn, and oile, and encense, and swete smellinge spyceries.
30 Sotheli the sones of preestis maden oynementis of swete smellynge spiceries.
31 And Mathatias dekene, the firste gendrid sone of Sellum of the kynrede of Chore, was the souereyn of alle thingis that weren fried in the friyng panne.
32 Sotheli men of the sones of Caath, the britheren of hem, weren on the looues of settyng forth, that thei schulden make redi euere newe looues bi ech sabat.
33 These ben the princis of chauntouris bi the meynees of Leuytis, that dwelliden in chaumbris, so that thei schulden serue contynueli dai and nyyt in her seruyce.
34 The heedis of Leuitis bi her meynees, the princes, dwelliden in Jerusalem.
35 Forsothe there dwelliden in Gabaon; Jaiel, the fadir of Gabaon, and the name of his wijf Maacha;
36 Abdon, his firste gendrid sone, and Sur, and Cys, and Baal,
37 and Ner, and Nadab, and Gedor, and Ahaio, and Zacharie, and Macelloth; forsothe Macelloth gendride Semmaa;
38 these dwelliden euene ayens her britheren in Jerusalem, with her britheren.
39 Sotheli Ner gendride Cys, and Cys gendride Saul, and Saul gendride Jonathan, and Melchisue, and Abynadab, and Hisbaal.
40 Forsothe the sone of Jonathan was Myribaal, and Myribaal gendride Mycha.
41 Sotheli the sones of Micha weren Phiton, and Malech, and Thara;
42 forsothe Aaz gendride Jara, and Jara gendride Alamath, and Azmoth, and Zamri; and Zamri gendride Moosa,
43 sotheli Moosa gendride Baana, whose sone Raphaia gendride Elisa, of whom Esel was gendrid.
44 Forsothe Esel hadde sixe sones bi these names, Ezricam, Bochru, Hismael, Saria, Obdia, Anan; these weren the sones of Hesel.

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