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1 Mi litle sones, Y write to you these thingis, that ye synnen not. But if ony man synneth, we han an aduocat anentis the fadir,
2 Jhesu Crist, and he is the foryyuenes for oure synnes; and not oneli for oure synnes, but also for the synnes of al the world.
3 And in this thing we witen, that we knowen hym, if we kepen hise comaundementis.
4 He that seith that he knowith God, and kepith not hise comaundementis, is a liere, and trewthe is not in hym.
5 But the charite of God is perfit verili in hym, that kepith his word. In this thing we witen, that we ben in hym, if we ben perfit in hym.
6 He that seith, that he dwellith in hym, he owith for to walke, as he walkide.
7 Moost dere britheren, Y write to you, not a newe maundement, but the elde maundement, that ye hadden fro the bigynnyng. The elde maundement is the word, that ye herden.
8 Eftsoone Y write to you a newe maundement, that is trewe bothe in hym and in you; for derknessis ben passid, and veri liyt schyneth now.
9 He that seith, that he is in liyt, and hatith his brother, is in derknesse yit.
10 He that loueth his brothir, dwellith in liyt, and sclaundre is not in hym.
11 But he that hatith his brother, is in derknessis, and wandrith in derknessis, and woot not whidir he goith; for derknessis han blindid hise iyen.
12 Litle sones, Y write to you, that youre synnes ben foryouun to you for his name.
13 Fadris, Y write to you, for ye han knowun hym, that is fro the bigynnyng. Yonge men, Y write to you, for ye han ouercomun the wickid.
14 Y write to you, yonge children, for ye han knowe the fadir. Y write to you, britheren, for ye han knowen hym, that is fro the bigynnyng. Y write to you, yonge men, for ye ben stronge, and the word of God dwellith in you, and ye han ouercomun the wickid.
15 Nyle ye loue the world, ne tho thingis that ben in the world. If ony man loueth the world, the charite of the fader is not in hym.
16 For al thing that is in the world, is coueitise of fleisch, and coueitise of iyen, and pride of lijf, which is not of the fadir, but it is of the world.
17 And the world schal passe, and the coueitise of it; but he that doith the wille of God, dwellith with outen ende.
18 My litle sones, the laste our is; and as ye han herd, that antecrist cometh, now many antecristis ben maad; wherfor we witen, that it is the laste our.
19 Thei wenten forth fro vs, but thei weren not of vs; for if thei hadden be of vs, thei hadden dwelte with vs; but that thei be knowun, that thei ben not of vs.
20 But ye han anointyng of the Hooli Goost, and knowen alle thingis.
21 Y wroot not to you, as to men that knowen not treuthe, but as to men that knowen it, and for ech leesing is not of treuthe.
22 Who is a liere, but this that denyeth that Jhesu is not Crist? This is antecrist, that denyeth the fadir, and the sone.
23 So ech that denyeth the sone, hath not the fadir; but he that knowlechith the sone, hath also the fadir.
24 That thing that ye herden at the bigynnyng, dwelle it in you; for if that thing dwellith in you, which ye herden at the bigynnyng, ye schulen dwelle in the sone and in the fadir.
25 And this is the biheeste, that he bihiyte to vs euerlastinge lijf.
26 Y wroot these thingis to you, of hem that disseyuen you,
27 and that the anoyntyng which ye resseyueden of hym, dwelle in you. And ye han not nede, that ony man teche you, but as his anoyntyng techith you of alle thingis, and it is trewe, and it is not leesyng; and as he tauyte you, dwelle ye in hym.
28 And now, ye litle sones, dwelle ye in hym, that whanne he schal appere, we haue a trist, and be not confoundid of hym in his comyng.
29 If ye witen that he is iust, wite ye that also ech that doith riytwisnesse, is borun of hym.

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