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1 Ech man that bileueth that Jhesus is Crist, is borun of God; and ech man that loueth hym that gendride, loueth hym that is borun of hym.
2 In this thing we knowen, that we louen the children of God, whanne we louen God, and don his maundementis.
3 For this is the charite of God, that we kepe hise maundementis; and his maundementis ben not heuy.
4 For al thing that is borun of God, ouercometh the world; and this is the victorie that ouercometh the world, oure feith.
5 And who is he that ouercometh the world, but he that bileueth that Jhesus is the sone of God?
6 This is Jhesus Crist, that cam bi watir and blood; not in water oonli, but in watir and blood. And the spirit is he that witnessith, that Crist is treuthe.
7 For thre ben, that yyuen witnessing in heuene, the Fadir, the Sone, and the Hooli Goost; and these thre ben oon.
8 `And thre ben, that yyuen witnessing in erthe, the spirit, water, and blood; and these thre ben oon.
9 If we resseyuen the witnessing of men, the witnessing of God is more; for this is the witnessing of God, that is more, for he witnesside of his sone.
10 He that bileueth in the sone of God, hath the witnessing of God in hym. He that bileueth not to the sone, makith hym a liere; for he bileueth not in the witnessing, that God witnesside of his sone.
11 And this is the witnessyng, for God yaf to you euerlastinge lijf, and this lijf is in his sone.
12 He that hath the sone of God, hath also lijf; he that hath not the sone of God, hath not lijf.
13 I write to you these thingis, that ye wite, that ye han euerlastynge lijf, which bileuen in the name of Goddis sone.
14 And this is the trist which we han to God, that what euer thing we axen aftir his wille, he schal here vs.
15 And we witen, that he herith vs, what euer thing we axen; we witen, that we han the axyngis, which we axen of hym.
16 He that woot that his brother synneth a synne not to deth, axe he, and lijf schal be youun to hym that synneth not to deth. Ther is a synne to deth; `not for it Y seie, that ony man preie.
17 Ech wickidnesse is synne, and ther is synne to deth.
18 We witen, that ech man that is borun of God, synneth not; but the generacioun of God kepith hym, and the wickid touchith hym not.
19 We witen, that we ben of God, and al the world is set in yuel.
20 And we witen, that the sone of God cam in fleisch, and yaf to vs wit, that we know veri God, and be in the veri sone of hym.
21 This is veri God, and euerlastynge lijf. My litle sones, kepe ye you fro maumetis.

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