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1 God, that spak sum tyme bi prophetis in many maneres to oure fadris, at the
2 laste in these daies he hath spoke to vs bi the sone; whom he hath ordeyned eir of alle thingis, and bi whom he made the worldis.
3 Which whanne also he is the briytnesse of glorie, and figure of his substaunce, and berith alle thingis bi word of his vertu, he makith purgacioun of synnes, and syttith on the riythalf of the maieste in heuenes;
4 and so myche is maad betere than aungels, bi hou myche he hath eneritid a more dyuerse name bifor hem.
5 For to whiche of the aungels seide God ony tyme, Thou art my sone, Y haue gendrid thee to dai? And eftsoone, Y schal be to hym in to a fadir, and he schal be to me in to a sone?
6 And whanne eftsoone he bryngith in the firste bigetun sone in to the world, he seith, And alle the aungels of God worschipe hym.
7 But he seith to aungels, He that makith hise aungels spiritis, and hise mynystris flawme of fier.
8 But to the sone he seith, God, thi trone is in to the world of world; a yerde of equite is the yerde of thi rewme;
9 thou hast louyd riytwisnesse, and hatidist wickidnesse; therfor the God, thi God, anoyntide thee with oile of ioye, more than thi felowis.
10 And, Thou, Lord, in the bigynnyng foundidist the erthe, and heuenes ben werkis of thin hondis; thei schulen perische,
11 but thou schalt perfitli dwelle; and alle schulen wexe elde as a cloth, and thou schalt chaunge hem as a cloth,
12 and thei schulen be chaungid. But thou art the same thi silf, and thi yeeris schulen not faile.
13 But to whiche of the aungels seide God at ony tyme, Sitte thou on my riythalf, till Y putte thin enemyes a stool of thi feet?
14 Whether thei alle ben not seruynge spiritis, sente to seruen for hem that taken the eritage of heelthe?

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