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1 `And so Arphaxat, kyng of Medeis, hadde maad suget many folkis to his empire; and he bildide a ful myyti citee, which he clepide Egbathanys.
2 Of squarid stonys and korfe he made the wallis therof, in the heiythe of thre score cubitis and ten, and in the breede of thritti cubitis. Sotheli he settide the touris therof in the heiythe of an hundrid cubitis.
3 Forsothe bi the square of tho touris euer either side was stretchid forth, bi the space of twenti feet; and he settide the yatis of that citee in the heiythe of the touris.
4 And he hadde glorie, as miyti in the power of his oost, and in the glorie of hise charis.
5 Therfor Nabugodonosor, kyng of Assyriens, that regnede in the grete citee Nynyue, fauyt in the tweluethe yeer of his rewme ayens Arphaxat, and gat him in the greet feeld,
6 `which is clepid Ragau, bisidis Eufrates, and Tigris, and Jadasa, in the feeld of Erioch, kyng of Elichoris.
7 Thanne the rewme of Nabugodonosor was enhaunsid, and his herte was reisid; and he sente to alle men, that dwelliden in Cilicie, and in Damask, and in Liban,
8 and to folkis, that weren in Carmele, and in Cedar, and to men dwellynge in Galile, and in the grete feeld of Esdrolon, and to alle men,
9 that weren in Samarie, and biyende the flood Jordan, `til to Jerusalem; and to al the lond of Jesse, til me come to the hillis of Ethiope.
10 Nabugodonosor, kyng of Assiriens, sente messangeris `to alle these men; `which alle ayenseiden with o wille, and senten ayen hem voide, and castiden awei with out onour.
12 Thanne kyng Nabugodonosor was wrooth to al that lond, and swoor bi his rewme and trone, that he wolde defende him fro alle these cuntreis.

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