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CAP 14
1 Pask and the feest of therf looues was after twei daies. And the hiyest preestis and scribis souyten, hou thei schulden holde hym with gile, and sle.
2 But thei seiden, Not in the feeste dai, lest perauenture a noyse were maad among the puple.
3 And whanne he was at Betanye, in the hous of Symount leprous, and restide, a womman cam, that hadde a boxe of alabastre of precious oynement spikenard; and whanne the boxe of alabastre was brokun, sche helde it on his heed.
4 But there weren summe that beren it heuyli with ynne hem silf, and seiden, Wher to is this losse of oynement maad?
5 For this oynement myyte haue be seld more than for thre hundrid pens, and be youun to pore men. And thei groyneden ayens hir.
6 But Jhesus seide, Suffre ye hir; what be ye heuy to hir? sche hath wrouyt a good werk in me.
7 For euermore ye schulen haue pore men with you, and whanne ye wolen, ye moun do wel to hem; but ye schulen not euer more haue me.
8 Sche dide that that sche hadde; sche cam bifore to anoynte my bodi in to biriyng.
9 Treuli Y seie to you, where euer this gospel be prechid in al the world, and that that `this womman hath don, schal be told in to mynde of hym.
10 And Judas Scarioth, oon of the twelue, wente to the hiyest prestis, to bitraye hym to hem.
11 And thei herden, and ioyeden, and bihiyten to yyue hym money. And he souyt hou he schulde bitraye hym couenabli.
12 And the firste dai of therf looues, whanne thei offriden pask, the disciplis seyn to hym, Whidir `wilt thou that we go, and make redi to thee, that thou ete the pask?
13 And he sendith tweyn of hise disciplis, and seith to hem, Go ye in to the citee, and a man berynge a galoun of watir schal meete you; sue ye hym.
14 And whidur euer he entrith, seie ye to the lord of the hous, That the maister seith, Where is myn etynge place, where Y schal ete pask with my disciplis?
15 And he schal schewe to you a grete soupyng place arayed, and there make ye redi to vs.
16 And hise disciplis wenten forth, and camen in to the citee, and founden as he hadde seid to hem; and thei maden redy the pask.
17 And whanne the euentid was come, he cam with the twelue.
18 And whanne thei saten `at the mete, and eeten, Jhesus seide, Treuli Y seie to you, that oon of you that etith with me, schal bitray me.
19 And thei bigunnen to be sori, and to seie to hym, ech bi hem silf, Whether Y?
20 Which seide to hem, Oon of twelue that puttith the hoond with me in the platere.
21 And sotheli mannus sone goith, as it is writun of hym; but wo to that man, by whom mannus sone schal be bitrayed. It were good to hym, yf thilke man hadde not be borun.
22 And while thei eeten, Jhesus took breed, and blessid, and brak, and yaf to hem, and seide, Take ye; this is my bodi.
23 And whanne he hadde take the cuppe, he dide thankyngis, and yaf to hem, and alle dronken therof.
24 And he seide to hem, This is my blood of the newe testament, which schal be sched for many.
25 Treuli Y seye to you, for now Y schal not drynke of this fruyt of vyne, in to that dai whane Y schal drynke it newe in the rewme of God.
26 And whanne the ympne was seid, thei wenten out in to the hil of Olyues.
27 And Jhesus seide to hem, Alle ye schulen be sclaundrid in me in this nyyt; for it is writun, Y schal smyte the scheepherde, and the scheep of the flok schulen be disparplid.
28 But aftir that Y schal rise ayen, Y schal go bifor you in to Galilee.
29 And Petir seide to hym, Thouy alle schulen be sclaundrid, but not Y.
30 And Jhesus seide to hym, Treuli Y seie to thee, that to dai bifore that the cok in this niyt crowe twies, thou schalt thries denye me.
31 But he seide more, Thouy it bihoueth, that Y die togider with thee, Y schal not forsake thee. And in lijk maner alle seiden.
32 And thei camen in to a place, whos name is Gethsamany. And he seide to hise disciplis, Sitte ye here, while Y preye.
33 And he took Petir and James and Joon with hym, and bigan to drede, and to be anoyed.
34 And he seide to hem, My soule is soreweful to the deeth; abide ye here, and wake ye with me.
35 And whanne he was gon forth a litil, he felde doun on the erthe, and preiede, that if it myyte be, that the our schulde passe fro hym.
36 And he seide, Abba, fadir, alle thingis ben possible to thee, bere ouer fro me this cuppe; but not that Y wole, but that thou wolt, be don.
37 And he cam, and foond hem slepynge. And he seide to Petir, Symount, slepist thou? myytist thou not wake with me oon our?
38 Wake ye, and `preie ye, that ye entre not in to temptacioun; for the spirit is redi, but the fleische is sijk.
39 And eftsoone he yede, and preiede, and seide the same word;
40 and turnede ayen eftsoone, and foond hem slepynge; for her iyen weren heuyed. And thei knewen not, what thei schulden answere to hym.
41 And he cam the thridde tyme, and seide to hem, Slepe ye now, and reste ye; it suffisith. The hour is comun; lo! mannus sone schal be bitraied in to the hondis of synful men.
42 Rise ye, go we; lo! he that schal bitraye me is nyy.
43 And yit while he spak, Judas Scarioth, oon of the twelue, cam, and with him miche puple with swerdis and staues, sent fro the hiyest prestis, and the scribis, and fro the eldre men.
44 And his traytour hadde youun to hem a tokene, and seide, Whom euer Y kisse, he it is; holde ye hym, and lede ye warli.
45 And whanne he cam, anoon he came to hym, and seide, Maistir; and he kisside hym.
46 And thei leiden hondis on hym, and helden hym.
47 But oon of the men that stoden aboute, drowy out a swerd, and smoot the seruaunt of the hiyest preest, and kittide of his eere.
48 And Jhesus answeride, and seide to hem, As to a theef ye han gon out with swerdis and staues, to take me?
49 Dai bi dai Y was among you, and tauyte in the temple, and ye helden not me; but that the scripturis be fulfillid.
50 Thanne alle hise disciplis forsoken hym, and fledden.
51 But a yong man, clothid with lynnun cloth on the bare, suede hym; and thei helden hym.
52 And he lefte the lynnyn clothing, and fleiy nakid awei fro hem.
53 And thei ledden Jhesu to the hiyest preest. And alle the prestis and scribis and eldere men camen togidir.
54 But Petir suede hym afer in to the halle of the hiyest preest. And he sat with the mynystris, and warmede hym at the fier.
55 And the hiyest prestis, and al the counsel, souyten witnessyng ayens Jhesu to take hym to the deeth; but thei founden not.
56 For manye seiden fals witnessyng ayens hym, and the witnessyngis weren not couenable.
57 And summe risen vp, and baren fals witnessyng ayens hym,
58 and seiden, For we `han herd hym seiynge, Y schal vndo this temple maad with hondis, and aftir the thridde dai Y schal bilde another not maad with hondis.
59 And the witnessyng `of hem was not couenable.
60 And the hiyest prest roos vp in to the myddil, and axide Jhesu, and seide, Answerist thou no thing to tho thingis that ben put ayens thee of these?
61 But he was stille, and answeride no thing. Eftsoone the hiyest prest axide hym, and seide to hym, Art thou Crist, the sone of the blessid God?
62 And Jhesus seide to hym, Y am; and ye schulen se mannus sone sittynge on the riythalf of the vertu of God, and comynge in the cloudis of heuene.
63 And the hiyest preest torente hise clothis, and seide, What yit dissiren we witnessis?
64 Ye han herd blasfemye. What semeth to you? And thei alle condempneden hym to be gilti of deeth.
65 And summe bigunnen to bispete hym, `and to hile his face, and to smite hym with buffetis, and seie to hym, Areede thou. And the mynystris beeten hym with strokis.
66 And whanne Petir was in the halle bynethen, oon of the damesels of the hiyest prest cam.
67 And whanne sche hadde seyn Petir warmynge hym, sche bihelde hym, and seide, And thou were with Jhesu of Nazareth.
68 And he denyede, and seide, Nethir Y woot, nethir Y knowe, what thou seist. And he wente without forth bifor the halle; and anoon the cok crewe.
69 And eftsoone whanne another damesel hadde seyn hym, sche bigan to seye to men that stoden aboute, That this is of hem.
70 And he eftsoone denyede. And aftir a litil, eftsoone thei that stoden nyy, seiden to Petir, Verili thou art of hem, for thou art of Galilee also.
71 But he bigan to curse and to swere, For Y knowe not this man, whom ye seien.
72 And anoon eftsoones the cok crew. And Petir bithouyte on the word that Jhesus hadde seide to hym, Bifor the cok crowe twies, thries thou schalt denye me. And he bigan to wepe.

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