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CAP 13
1 And the puple yede forth fro Asseroth, whanne the tentis weren set in the deseert of Pharan.
2 And there the Lord spak to Moises,
3 and seide, Sende thou men that schulen biholde the lond of Canaan, which Y schal yyue to the sones of Israel, of ech lynage o man of the princes.
4 Moises dide that that the Lord comaundide, and sente fro the deseert of Pharan princes, men of whiche these ben the names.
5 Of the lynage of Ruben, Semmya, the sone of Zectur.
6 Of the lynage of Symeon, Saphat, the sone of Hury.
7 Of the lynage of Juda, Caleph, the sone of Jephone.
8 Of the lynage of Isachar, Igal, the sone of Joseph.
9 Of the lynage of Effraym, Osee, the sone of Nun.
10 Of the lynage of Beniamyn, Phalti, the sone of Raphu.
11 Of the lynage of Zabulon, Gediel, the sone of Sodi.
12 Of the lynage of Joseph, of the gouernaunce of Manasses, Gaddi, the sone of Susy.
13 Of the lynage of Dan, Amyel, the sone of Gemalli.
14 Of the lynage of Aser, Sur, the sone of Mychael.
15 Of the lynage of Neptalym, Nabdi, the sone of Napsi.
16 Of the lynage of Gad, Guel, the sone of Machi.
17 These ben the names of men, which Moises sente to biholde the lond of Canaan; and he clepide Osee, the sone of Nun, Josue.
18 Therfor Moises sente hem to biholde the lond of Canaan, and seide to hem, `Stie ye bi the south coost; and whanne ye comen to the hillis,
19 biholde ye the lond, what maner lond it is; and biholde ye the puple which is the dwellere therof, whether it is strong, ethir feble, `whether thei ben fewe in noumbre, ether manye;
20 whether that lond is good, ethir yuel; what maner citees ben, wallid, ether without wallis;
21 whether the lond is fat, ether bareyn, `whether it is ful of woodis, ethir without trees. Be ye coumfortid, and `brynge ye to vs of the fruytis of that lond. Sotheli the tyme was, whanne grapis first ripe myyten be etun thanne.
22 And whanne thei hadden stied, thei aspieden the lond, fro the deseert of Syn `til to Rohob, as men entryth to Emath.
23 And thei stieden to the south, and camen in to Ebron, where Achyman, and Sisai, and Tholmai, the sones of Enach, weren; for Hebron was maad bi seuen yeer bifor Thamnys, the citee of Egipt.
24 And thei yeden til to the stronde of clustre, and kittiden doun a sioun with his grape, which twei men baren in a barre; also thei token of pumgarnadis, and of the figis of that place which is clepid Nehelescol,
25 that is, the stronde of grape, for the sones of Israel baren a clustre fro thennus.
26 And the aspieris of the lond, whanne thei hadden cumpassid al the cuntrey, after fourti daies camen to Moises and Aaron,
27 and to al the cumpany of the sones of Israel, in to the deseert of Pharan which is in Cades. And `the aspieris spaken to hem, and schewiden the fruytis of the lond to al the multitude, and telden,
28 and seiden, We camen to the lond, to which thou sentest vs, which lond treuli flowith with mylk and hony, as it may be knowun bi these fruytis;
29 but it hath strongeste inhabiteris, and grete cytees, and wallid; we sien there the kynrede of Anachym; Amalech dwellith in the south;
30 Ethei, and Jebusei, and Amorey dwellen in the hilli placis; forsothe Cananey dwellith bisidis the see, and bisidis the floodis of Jordan.
31 Among thes thingis Caleph peeside the grutchyng of the puple, that was maad ayens Moises, and seide, `Stie we, and welde we the lond, for we moun gete it.
32 Forsothe other aspieris, that weren with hym, seiden, We moun not stie to this puple, for it is strongere than we.
33 And thei deprauyden the lond which thei hadden biholde, anentis the sones of Israel, and seiden, The lond which we cumpassiden deuourith hise dwelleris; the puple which we bihelden is of large stature; there we syen summe wondris ayens kynde,
34 of the sones of Enach, of the kynde of geauntis, to whiche we weren comparisound, and weren seien as locustis.

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