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1 But speke thou tho thingis that bisemen hoolsum teching;
2 that elde men be sobre, chast, prudent, hool in feith, in loue, and pacience;
3 also olde wymmen in hooli abite, not sclaundereris, not seruynge myche to wyn, wel techynge, that thei teche prudence.
4 Moneste thou yonge wymmen, that thei loue here hosebondis, that thei loue her children;
5 and that thei be prudent, chast, sobre, hauynge cure of the hous, benygne, suget to her hosebondis, that the word of God be not blasfemyd.
6 Also moneste thou yonge men, that thei be sobre.
7 In alle thingis yyue thi silf ensaumple of good werkis, in teching, in hoolnesse, in sadnesse.
8 An hoolsum word, and vnrepreuable; that he that is of the contrarie side, be aschamed, hauynge noon yuel thing to seie of you.
9 Moneste thou seruauntis to be suget to her lordis; in alle thingis plesinge, not ayenseiynge, not defraudynge,
10 but in alle thingis schewinge good feith, that thei onoure in alle thingis the doctryn of `God, oure sauyour.
11 For the grace of `God, oure sauyour,
12 hath apperid to alle men, and tauyte vs, that we forsake wickidnesse, and worldli desyris, lyue sobreli, and iustli, `and piteuousli in this world,
13 abidinge the blessid hope and the comyng of the glorie of the greet God, and of oure sauyour Jhesu Crist;
14 that yaf hym silf for vs, to ayenbie vs fro al wickidnesse, and make clene to hym silf a puple acceptable, and suere of good werkis.
15 Speke thou these thingis, and moneste thou, and repreue thou with al comaundement; no man dispise thee.

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