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1 Amoneste hem to be sugetis to prynces, and to poweris; to obeische to that that is seid, and to be redi to al good werk;
2 to blasfeme no man, to be not ful of chiding, but temperat, schewynge al myldenesse to alle men.
3 For we weren sum tyme vnwise, vnbileueful, errynge, and seruynge to desiris, and to dyuerse lustis, doynge in malice and enuye, worthi to be hatid, hatinge ech othere.
4 But whanne the benygnyte and the manhed of oure sauyour God aperide,
5 not of werkis of riytwisnesse that we diden, but bi his merci he made vs saaf, bi waischyng of ayen bigetyng, and ayen newyng of the Hooli Goost,
6 whom he schedde into vs plenteuousli bi Jhesu Crist,
7 oure saueour, that we iustified bi his grace, ben eiris by hope of euerlastinge lijf.
8 A trewe word is, and of these thingis Y wole that thou conferme othere, that thei that bileuen to God, be bisy to be aboue othere in good werkis. These thingis ben good, and profitable to men.
9 And eschewe thou foltische questiouns, and genologies, and stryues, and fiytyngis of the lawe; for tho ben vnprofitable and veyn.
10 Eschewe thou a man eretik, aftir oon and the secound correccioun;
11 witinge that he that is siche a maner man is subuertid, and trespassith, and is dampned bi his owne dom.
12 Whanne Y sende to thee Arteman, or Titicus, hiy thou to `come to me to Nycopolis; for Y haue purposid to dwelle in wyntir there.
13 Bisili byfor sende Zenam, a wise man of lawe, and Apollo, that no thing faile to hem.
14 Thei that ben of ouris, lerne to be gouernouris in good werkis, to necessarie vsis, that thei be not with out fruyt.
15 Alle men that ben with me greeten thee wel. Grete thou wel hem, that louen vs in feith. The grace of God be with you alle. Amen.

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