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CAP 10
1 This wisdom `of God kepte hym, that was formed first of God, the fadir of the world, whanne he aloone was maad of nouyt.
2 And `this wisdom ledde hym out of his trespas, and ledde hym out of the sliym of erthe, and yaf to hym vertu to holde togider alle thingis.
3 As the vnjust man in his ire yede awei fro this wisdom, brotherhed perischide bi the ire of manquellyng.
4 For which thing whanne watir dide awei the erthe, wisdom heelide eft; gouernynge a iust man bi a dispisable tre.
5 This wisdom also in the consent of pride, whanne naciouns hadden reisid hem silf, knew a iust man, and kept with out playnt to God; and this wisdom kepte strong merci in sones.
6 `This wisdom deliuerede a iust man fleynge fro wickid men perischinge, whanne fier cam doun in to the place of fyue cytees.
7 For whiche wickid men the lond smokynge is maad deseert, in to witnessyng of weiwardnesse, and trees hauynge fruytis in vncerteyn tyme; and the mynde of an vnbileueful soule stondynge an ymage of salt.
8 For whi men passynge wisdom, not oneli fellen in this, that thei knewen not goodis, but also thei leften to men the mynde of her vnwisdom, that in these synnes, whiche thei diden, thei miyten not be hid.
9 Forsothe wisdom delyuerede hem fro sorewis, that kepen it.
10 Sotheli this wisdom ledde forth a iust man bi riytful weies, that fledde fro the ire of his brother; and it schewide to hym the rewme of God, and yaf to hym the kunnyng of seyntis; it made hym onest in trauels, and fillide hise trauelis.
11 It helpide hym in the fraude of disseyueris, and made hym onest.
12 It kepte hym fro enemyes and defendide hym fro disseyueris; and it yaf to him a strong batel, that he shulde ouercome, and wite, that wisdom is the myytieste of alle.
13 This wisdom forsook not a iust man seeld, but delyuerede hym fro synneris;
14 and it yede doun with hym in to a diche; and it forsook not hym in boondis, til it brouyte to hym the ceptre of the rewme, and power ayens hem that oppressiden hym; and it schewide hem lieris, that defouliden hym, and it yaf to hym euerlastynge clerenesse.
15 This wisdom delyuerede a iust puple, and hooli without pleynt, fro naciouns that oppressiden it.
16 Wisdom entride in to the soule of Goddis seruaunt, and he stood ayens hidouse kyngis, in grete wondris and myraclis.
17 And it yeldide to iust men the meede of her trauelis, and ledde hem forth in a wondurful weie; and it was to hem in hilyng of the dai, and in the liyt of sterris bi nyyt.
18 And it `ledde ouer hem thorouy the reede see; and bar hem ouer thoruy ful myche watir.
19 But it drenchide doun the enemyes of hem in to the see; and ledde hem out fro the depthe of hellis. Therfor iust men taken awei the spuylis of wickid men;
20 and, Lord, thei magnefieden in song thin hooli name, and preyseden togidere thin hond ouercomer.
21 Forwhi wisdom openyde the mouth of doumbe men, and made the tungis of yonge children not spekynge to be wise.
1 He dresside the werkis of hem, in the hondis of an hooli profete.

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