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CAP 16
1 For these thingis, and thingis lijk these, thei suffriden turmentis worthili, and thei weren destried bi multitude of beestis.
2 For whiche turmentis thou disposidist wel thi puple, to whiche thou yauest coueitise of her delityng a new sauour, makynge redi mete to hem a curlew.
3 That sotheli thei coueitynge mete, weren turned awei, yhe, fro nedeful coueityng, for tho thingis that weren schewid, and sent to hem; but these men maad pore in schort tyme, tastiden newe mete.
4 For sotheli it bihofte perischyng to come on hem with outen excusyng, vsynge tirauntri; but to schewe oneli to these Ebries, hou her enemyes weren destried.
5 Forsothe whanne the feers ire of beestis cam on hem, thei weren destried bi the bityngis of weiward serpentis.
6 But, Lord, thin ire dwellide not with outen ende; but thei weren troblid in schort time to amendyng, and hadden a signe of helthe, to remembryng of the comaundement of thi lawe.
7 For he that was conuertid, was heelid not bi that he siy, but bi thee, sauyour of alle men.
8 Forsothe in this thou schewidist to oure enemyes, that thou it art, that delyuerist fro al yuel.
9 Forsothe the bityngis of locustis and of flies killiden hem, and heelthe of her lijf was not foundun; for thei weren worthi to be destried of siche thingis.
10 But nether the teeth of dragouns, nethir of venemouse beestis ouercamen thi children; for whi thi merci cam, and heelide hem.
11 For thei weren turmentid in mynde of thi wordis, and thei weren heelid swiftli; lest thei fallynge in to deep foryetyng of God, miyten not vse thin help.
12 For nethir eerbe, nethir plastere heelide hem; but, Lord, thi word, that heelith alle thingis.
13 Lord, thou art, that hast power of lijf and of deth; and ledist forth to the yatis of deth, and ledist ayen.
14 But sotheli a man sleeth his soule bi malice; and whanne the spirit is goen out, it schal not turne ayen, nether the bodi schal ayen clepe the soule, which is resseyued;
15 but it is vnpossible to ascape thin hond.
16 Forwhi wickid men, denying to knowe thee, weren turmentid bi strengthe of thin arm; thei suffriden persecusioun bi newe watris, and hailis, and reines, and weren wastid bi fier.
17 For whi that was wondurful, the fier hadde more miyt in the watir, that quenchith alle thingis; for whi the world was veniere of iust men.
18 For whi sum tyme the fier was mylde, lest the beestis schulden be brent, that weren sent to wickid men; but that thei seynge schulden wite, that thei suffren persecucioun bi the doom of God.
19 And sum tyme the fier brente an hiy on ech side in the water, aboue the vertu of fier, to destrie the wickid nacioun of the lond.
20 For whiche thingis thou nurischidist thi puple with mete of aungels, and thou yauest fro heuene breed maad redi to hem, with out trauel; hauynge al delityng in it silf, and the swetnesse of al sauour.
21 For thou schewidist thi catel, and thi swetnesse, which thou hast, to sones; and the breed seruynge to the wille of eche man, was turned to that, that ech man wolde.
22 Forsothe snow and iys suffriden the miyt of fier, and meltiden not; that thei schulden wite, that fier brennynge, in hail and reyn leytynge, destryede the fruytis of enemyes.
23 Sotheli eft this was wondirful, also fier foryat his vertu, that iust men schulden be nurschid.
24 For whi the creature seruynge to thee the makere, wexith whijt in to turment ayens vniust men, and is maad liytere to do wel, for hem that tristen in thee.
25 For this thing and alle thingis transfigurid thanne seruyden to thi grace, nurischere of alle thingis, to the wille of hem, that ben desirid of thee;
26 that, Lord, thi sones schulden wite, whiche thou louedist, that not the fruytis of birthe feeden men, but thi word kepeth hem, that bileuen in thee.
27 For whi that that miyte not be distried of fier, meltide anoon as it was maad hoot of a litil beem of the sunne;
28 that it were knowun to alle men, that it bihoueth to come bifore the sunne to thi blessing, and to worschipe thee at the risyng of the liyt.
29 Forsothe the hope of an vnkynde man schal melte awei as iys of wyntir, and schal perische as superflu watir.

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