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CAP 19
1 Forsothe ire with out merci cam on wickid men til in to the laste; forwhi God bifore knew also the thingis to comynge of hem.
2 For whanne thei weren turned, and hadden suffrid, that thei schulden lede out hem, and hadden bifor sent hem with greet bysynesse, the dedis of repentyng sueden hem.
3 For thei hauynge yit morenyng bitwixe the hondis, and thei biwepynge at the sepulcris of deed men, token to hem anothir thouyt of vnkunnyng; and thei pursueden tho Ebreis, as fleeris awei, whiche thei preiynge hadden sent forth.
4 For whi worthi nede ledde hem to this ende, and thei losten remembryng of these thingis, that hadden bifeld, that punyschyng schulde fille tho thingis, that failiden of turmentis,
5 and that sotheli thi puple schulde passe wondurfuli; forsothe that thei schulden fynde a newe deth.
6 For whi ech creature seruynge to thin heestis, was refourmed to his kynde at the bigynnyng, that thi children schulden be kept vnhirt.
7 For whi a cloude bischadewide the castels of hem, and drie erthe apperide in watir that was bifore; and a weie with out letting apperide in the reed see, and a feeld buriownynge fro ful greet depthe; bi which feeld al the nacioun passide,
8 that was hilid with thin hond; forsothe thei sien thi merueilis and wondris.
9 For thei as horsis deuouriden mete, and as lambren thei maden ful out ioye, magnefiynge thee, Lord, that delyueredist hem.
10 For thei weren myndeful yit of tho thingis, that weren don in the dwellyng of hem among Egipcians; hou the lond brouyte forth flies, for the nacioun of beestis, and the flood brouyte forth multitude of paddokis, for fischis.
11 Forsothe at the last thei sien a newe creature of briddis, whanne thei weren led bi coueitise, and axiden metis of feeste.
12 For in the spekynge to of her desir, a curlew stiede to hem fro the see; and diseesis camen on synneris, and not with out preuyngis of tho thingis, that weren don bifor bi the feersnesse of floodis. For thei suffriden iustli, bi her wickidnessis;
13 for thei ordeyneden more abhomynable vnospitalite. Sotheli summe resseyueden not vnknowun comelyngis; sotheli othere token good men herborid in to thraldom.
14 And not oneli thei diden these thingis, but sotheli also another biholding of hem was, that thei ayens her wille resseyueden straungeris.
15 Forsothe thei that vsiden the same ordynaunces, turmentiden with cruelest sorewis hem, that resseyueden with gladnesse.
16 Forsothe thei weren smytun with blyndnesse, as thei in the yatis of the iust man, whanne thei weren hilid with sudeyne derknessis; ech man souyte the passyng of his dore.
17 Forsothe while elementis ben turned in to hem silf, as the sown of maner is chaungid in orgun, and alle thingis kepen her sown; wherfor it mai be gessid of that certeyn siyt.
18 Beestis of the feeld weren turned in to beestis of watir; what euer weren swymmynge thingis, yeden in the lond.
19 Fier in watir hadde power aboue his vertu; and water foryat the kynde quenchynge.
20 Ayenward flawmes of corruptible beestis disesiden not the fleischis of Ebreis goynge togidere; nethir departiden that good mete, that was departid liytly as iys. Forsothe, Lord, thou magnefiedist thi puple in alle thingis, and onouridist; and dispisidist not, and helpidist hem in ech tyme and in ech place.

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