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1 Forsothe the soulis of iust men ben in the hond of God; and the turment of deth schal not touche hem.
2 Thei semyden to the iyen of vnwise men to die; and turment was demed the outgoyng of hem.
3 And fro iust weie thei yeden in to distriyng, and that that is of vs the weie of distriyng; but thei ben in pees.
4 Thouy thei sufriden turmentis bifore men, the hope of hem is ful of vndeedlynesse.
5 Thei weren trauelid in a fewe thingis, and thei schulen be disposid wel in many thingis; for whi God asaiede hem, and foond hem worthi to hym silf.
6 He preuede hem as gold in a furneis, and he took hem as the offryng of brent sacrifice; and the biholdyng of hem schal be in tyme of yelding.
7 Iust men schulen schyne, and schulen renne aboute as sparclis in a place of rehed.
8 Thei schulen deme naciouns, and schulen be lordis of puplis; and the Lord of hem schal regne with outen ende.
9 Thei that trusten on hym, schulen vnderstonde treuthe; and feithful men in loue schulen assente to hym; for whi yifte and pees is to hise chosun men.
10 But wickid men, bi tho thingis that thei thouyten, schulen haue punyschyng; whiche dispisiden iust thing, and yeden awei fro the Lord.
11 For he that castith awei wisdom and lore, is cursid; and the hope of wickid men is voide, and her trauels ben without fruyt, and her werkis ben vnhabitable, and vnprofitable.
12 The wymmen of hem ben vnwitti, and the sones of hem ben ful weiward.
13 The creature of hem is cursid; for whi a womman bareyn and vndefoulid is blessid, that `knew not bed in trespas; sche schal haue fruyt in the biholdyng of holy soulis.
14 And a man vnmyyti to gendre is blessid, that `wrouyte not wickidnesse bi hise hondis, nether thouyte moost weiward thingis ayens the Lord; for whi a chosun yifte of feith schal be youun to hym, and a most acceptable eritage in the temple of God.
15 For whi the fruyt of good trauels is gloriouse, and the roote of wisdom that fallith not doun.
16 But the sones of avowtreris schulen be in distriyng, and the seed of a wickid bed schal be destried.
17 And sotheli thouy thei schulen be of long lijf, thei schulen be arettid in to nouyt; and the laste eelde of hem schal be withouten onour.
18 And if thei ben deed swiftliere, thei schulen not haue hope, nether alowyng in the dai of knowyng.
19 Forsothe wickide naciouns ben of hard ending.

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